Spring Bursts Forth with New Plans and Projects at Incredible Edible Hooky

As ever, there is a lot going on at Incredible Edible Hooky. Spring always brings a surge of activity, and here is a summary of our main current, and ongoing, projects. Firstly, its over to Annie Tullet, who is our project lead for the Incredible School Garden. Annie has done an amazing job of getting the gardening club back on its feet at the school and leading the plans for our big build of the new and improved school garden. Over to you, Annie!


With the financial help and support of Incredible Edible Hooky, the Garden Club was launched in September 2017, based in the grounds of the Primary School. 

Ten children applied to join, and with the help of volunteer Kay Lilley, and support from our link Teacher, Liz Voce, we set about planning a range of gardening activities.

We learnt a lot that first term, but through the children’s commitment, we were able to achieve both Levels 1 and 2 Certificates from the RHS School for Gardening Award Scheme

Linking in with the children’s future aims for the garden, we set our sights on fundraising enough money to establish a garden at the school. The garden would include a greenhouse, raised beds, planting areas and a fruit tree bed.

Through hard work from the Incredible Edible Hooky Fundraising Committee, we had some fantastic donations from Tesco’s, Oxford Community Foundation, Gregg’s Bakers, Nicholson’s Nurseries and the Nineveh Trust which totalled over £6,500.

These donations enabled us to install a greenhouse and move forward with our plans. On the weekend of the 24th/25th February, we were able to dig up the area set aside for our raised beds and lay a base ready for the following weekend.

Unfortunately, the bad weather put paid to that, but by the time this newsletter goes out, we should have achieved our goal in time to start some major planting after Easter.

The future for the Garden Club looks bright. We now have twelve children and two more fantastic volunteers, Steph Klejdys and Judy Ormerod, without their help the club would not be sustainable.

As to the future, we hope to have a grand garden opening at the beginning of June, in the School grounds. We will confirm the date for this in due course.  


Thanks Annie! Just one more date for your diary. On the 15th September (a way off I know), we are planning to hold our first ever skills-share workshop. The aim of these workshops is to spread skills relating to the growing, harvesting and cooking of home grown food. The focus of this one will be on learning how to preserve fruit and veg in jams and pickles etc. We will be taking over the Baptist Hall, and a head chef will lead us through the very practical (and possibly sticky) business of ‘preserving’. There will be limited tickets available and more information will follow on how to book. Keep an eye on our Facebook page (Incredible Edible Hooky) or web site: www.incredibleediblehooky.com for more information.

Finally, we are continuing our awareness building campaign around OLIO, which we launched, here, in the last newsletter. You may have seen posters up around the village. OLIO is an app for reducing food waste – it’s a bit like Freecycle for food; a place where you can advertise excess produce you might have from your garden, or even give away something you bought by mistake. I recently picked up two, 2kg packets of Chick peas and Chana Dal for FREE! It is a fantastic way for working to reduce our food waste as a village – and of getting free food. Gradually, numbers are building, and there will always be room for more. You can sign up here: www.olioex.com.


If you’d like to get in touch, or volunteer and be part of the team, we would love to speak to you. Do drop me a line at incredibleediblehooky@gmail.com or call me on 737642.

Happy Growing everyone!

Sarah Morris

Incredible School Garden Under Construction

Incredible School Garden Under Construction

Volunteers, Annie, Steph and Diana help build the new Incredible School Garden

Volunteers, Annie, Steph and Diana help build the new Incredible School Garden

Sarah Morris